Comparative Study and Evaluation of Online Ad-blockers

Abstract— In the face of online advertising growing exponentially, numerous technologies have been developed to thwart the display of advertisements. The research work presented here is a comparative study of leading online ad-blockers that are available in software and hardware. In particular we present a study of software products AdBlock, and AdBlock Plus and hardware device AdTrap.  The work here describes how they work, what types of advertisements they do and do not block well, what software and hardware they run on, and if advertisers can detect and prevent ad-blockers. The products chosen for the comparative study are immensely popular among users.  Our research shows that AdBlock leads the others in terms of ad blocking ability.   Our research also shows AdTrap, the hardware based ad-blocker, has significant benefits for implementing across an entire network. We also present ways for web developers to detect as well as counter ad-blockers.

Authors: Elliott Post, Graduate student, and Chandra N Sekharan, PhD

Published in the 2nd International Conference on Information Science and Security, Seoul, Korea, 2015.

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